Monday, May 11, 2009

A Ship's Prow?

Just on the border of the Ørestad in an older neighbourhood called Hørgården is a strange little building. This is Hørgården's House of Activities, a place for the residents in the apartment blocks of Hørgården to gather around different activities. In this 600 sq. meter house is a fitness room, a large kitchen, two halls etc. It has been build to try to make this a better place to live and was finished in 2008 for a mere 900.000 Euros.

The social housings in the area have had it's share of problems and giving the residents a place to gather around activities of their choosing, is one way of dealing with a bad reputation. It has been difficult to attract rersourcefull residents to the area and hopefully this will be of help. It can't stand alone of course but it's a start.

I like this little building in lark wood with it's different angles and colours. But I'm glad that it wasn't me that should furnish the prow.