Friday, May 8, 2009

Cubes of Black and Blue

The neighbour of yesterday's post is another rather controversial building. It's a building that cost about 5.5 billion DKR (3/4 of billion Euros), which was 34% above the budget. It is of course DR Byen, the Danish Broadcast City. Apart from the money it cost 300 employees their job in an effort to plug the hole in the budget, and the General Manager, the Chairman and several members of the board of directors had to leave too.

It's a great building, designed with the sole purpose of making radio, television and multimedia productions. The main building looks very good in it's black and white. The blue cube next to it is the new concert hall for DR, a much acclaimed hall for broadcasting concerts that can seat an audience of 1800 in terraces all around the orchestra like an amphitheatre. I haven't been inside, but in the pictures I've seen it looks spectacular.

This building was overpriced for sure and cost a lot of jobs and goodwill to DR, and worse still; cuts in the programming, but my overall impression of the buildings is positive, even though I haven't been invited inside yet:-)