Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is Tuborg a harbour?

In the old days Denmark had a lot of competing breweries. Two of the biggest were Carlsberg and Tuborg. Those two merged in 1970, but Tuborg was still brewed at Tuborg Harbour in Hellerup to the north of Copenhagen. By 1996 this site was finally closed down and the production of Tuborg was moved to Fredericia. Left was an area open to develop into new office buildings and residents.

The club house and restaurant in the foreground

The developing is ongoing, but the area is shaping up to be rather nice. In its center is the marina, where the Royal Danish Yacht Club got a restaurant and its HQ. Around the marina are mainly new residences and some office blocks, and scattered around are contemporary art, mainly sculptures.

The sphere to the right is made by the
artist Jens-Flemming Sørensen and is
one of the many by him in Tuborg Harbour.

I'm not sure who the artist of
this thin lady is. Any guess?

Tomorrow I'll show you a really strange kind of bank in this area.