Friday, May 22, 2009

Isn't Metropolis in USA?

To answer the question in the headline, it might be a city in Illinois, but Copenhagen has a building called Metropolis. This one is named, not after the city of Superman, but the movie Metropolis from 1927 by Fritz Lang. A very futuristic looking building this 40 m high block of apartments is located on its own little peninsula in the old harbour area of Sluseholmen in the South of Copenhagen.

This blue fantasy houses 81 apartments with the penthouse apartments being the largest with 214 sq. meters. Originally it was planned to be 60 m high but a nearby power plant got in the way of this plan. The designers were afraid that smoke from the chimneys would be a problem for the penthouses and the roof gardens if the wind was "right", so they cut 20 m off the plans, but readied the building so it can be enlarged when the power plant closes down in a few years. it was finished in 2008 and cost a total of 15 million Euros.

The designers, Future Systems from UK, have also designed the Selfridges in Birmingham.

In my eyes this is a building that rise above the rest. Pleasing for the eye, but hard on the bank account!