Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Field in the City

I've been telling you a bit about this place already, both in posts and comments. This is Field's, Scandinavia's second biggest mall...and to be honest; not a place I visit on a daily basis. It was opened in the central area of Ørestaden March 9, 2004. I actually remember it, not because I was there, but because half the pupils in my 9. Grade was missing that day. I saw some of them on TV that evening when they reported about the opening frenzy. Chaos is a mild word!

65.000 m2 of shopping, 140 retailers and 20 cafés and restaurants are the numbers for this mall. It does give the residents of Ørestaden ample opportunity to shop, but in a very concentrated area. Actually many of the shoppers come from Greater Copenhagen and even Malmö in Sweden. With a freeway just around the corner and a Metro station 20 m from the entrance it's not a big problem to get here. And there's more than ample place to park the cars too.

I'm no fan of malls, and this is no exception. I have to accept that it's there, but I do prefer a street lined with different shops you can dive into and out of (especially the latter :-)).

I do like the way they have designed the entrance. It reminds me of an entrance to an old Roman, Greek or maybe Egyptian temple with its columns and high roof. Well, I guess this is a kind of temple for the god of shopping.