Friday, May 1, 2009

From Anchor Forge to Holmen's Church

In one of my previous posts I showed you a photo from Holmen's Cemetery. About 5 km's away lies the church it belong to. Placed just opposite the Danish parliament at Christiansborg Castle and next to the canal, and thereby the harbor, this church of the Navy is a beautiful little church. Holmen's Church is the main military church in Denmark and is also used from time to time in Royal ceremonies eg the wedding between Princess (now Queen) Margrethe and Prince Henrik in 1967.

The first church here was consecrated in 1620 by the great builder King Christian IV. He was responsible for building a great number of castles, palaces and other public or royal buildings...and thereby he was responsible for the bankruptcy of Denmark too. This church started out as an anchor forge for the Navy in 1562 but a great influx of people to Copenhagen meant that a new church was needed, and it was decided in 1617 to change it into a church. The church was soon too small, so it was rebuild in it's present cruciform in 1641. The spire was added at this time too.

Some of the greatest Danish naval heroes is buried here, among them Niels Juel and Peder Tordenskjold. It's still in use as a military church but today the church is also an ordinary parish church.

This concludes my theme about churches for now. I might return to it on a later date, but a new theme starts tomorrow. For the next couple of weeks I'll switch to modern buildings mainly in Copenhagen. I hope you have enjoyed this theme as much as I have, and that you'll enjoy the new theme.