Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Living in an Aquarium

Balconies, V-house

As told yesterday the neighbor to the Mountain is another building by architects BIG; VM Husene (VM Houses). This one is a bit more typical for the style that is being used in Copenhagen at this time. It's mainly glass and steel, and lots of both. Finished in 2005 the two buildings, called V-house and M-house after their shape, have 221 apartments. All apartments in the V-house has a distinctive balcony shaped like a V, much like a ship's prow.

The Aquarium, M-house.
The Mountain as a reflection

Steel and glass, M-house

This building is one that I could never live in, mainly because of the glass walls. I would feel like I was living in an aquarium and that my whole life was wide open to every by-passer and neighbor. I must confess that I like my privacy too much to become the newest member of a public zoo. I do like the balconies though.