Sunday, May 31, 2009


Just to the south of Copenhagen stands this power plant. Avedøre Power Plant was built in two stages, Avedøre 1 in 1990 and Avedøre 2 in 2001. Avedøre 1 is a coal fired power plant while Avedøre 2 can burn most fuels; wood pellets, oil, natural gas and straw. Total output is 810MW of electricity, which is enough to give power to 1.3 mio. households, and 900MW of heating for 200.000 households.

The smoke is cleaned for NOx, SOx and ash so it's as clean as it can be. It's done by adding ammonia, water and lime to the smoke and sending it through filters. The end result is plaster that is sold to construction companies.

The power plant is operated by the Danish company DONG Energy, that has a virtual monopoly on power generating in Denmark.

Right next to this power plant DONG has placed a row of wind power generators (wind turbines for short). By 2011 20 pct. of the energy in Denmark will be from renewable energy sources like wind and bio fuels according to the government's plans.