Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Beehive

At the most Northern end of Ørestaden is a large square building. It's called the Beehive Dorm, not because it resembles a beehive, but because it was funded by Bikuben Foundation (Bikube is Danish for beehive). With room for only 115 students this is a much smaller dorm than Tietgen Dormitory from yesterday, but it's not lacking in design, if you like squares and cubes.

The communal rooms such as party hall, laundry room, fitness room, study rooms and the like are not bunched together in one place, but rather distributed on different floors. 10% of the rooms are earmarked for foreign exchange students.

A very strange building I think, but certainly not without its charm. The architects have managed to break the symmetry by putting open spaces and staircases in peculiar places. It is a bit grey but the orange balance it out, so on the whole it's a very nice building.

What stroke me, when I visited it, was the words written in the ceiling and on pillars, words like knowledge, respect, tolerance and honesty. If the students here really live by these words, the world is going to be a better place.