Thursday, May 7, 2009

A House Snake

This building in the Northern part of Ørestaden is twisting like a snake across the plain, and it is in fact called the Housing Snake. With 300 apartments it's the biggest apartment block at the time in the area and this one even got it's own day-care center. It's placed right next to the new IT University and the new building of Denmark's Radio (the Danish State Television and Radio), so for people working there it's only a short walk.

What's a little peculiar is the fact that it's got all three types of apartments in it; social housing, owner-occupied flats and co-operative flats. Furthermore it was designed by two different architect firms that had to cooperate.

I think it's a rather nice building with a bit of variety and nice green areas and canals around it. I would have liked a little less glass though but with this kind of space to the nearest neighbours it's not a big deal.