Saturday, May 2, 2009

A new kind of forrest

A common sight in Copenhagen in these years is this kind of "trees", construction cranes en masse. Especially around the harbor areas and on the island of Amager you can't help but notice these cranes. A lot of heavy industry has moved out of the harbor and to other places, sometimes closing altogether (in Denmark anyway). Some of these large industrial buildings have been converted to offices or residences and others have been pulled down altogether to make way for new buildings, again mainly residences and office buildings.

On Amager a whole new city, Ørestaden, is being constructed on the old reclaimed seabed of Western Amager. Here where there a few years ago "only" were fields and former army shooting ranges, you can now see a city taking form. In twenty years time there'll be a blooming city here, the politicians and city planners hope.

What is lacking is infrastructure. There are hardly any stores, except for a mall, the schools are under construction, no restaurants or cafés nor sports facilities. All of this is planned but it'll take some time before it'll be ready. That does make it a bit hard to get people to move here. More about Ørestaden and the harbor areas in the next couple of weeks.

This new theme is about the modern buildings in Copenhagen. I'll show you rebuilt factories, new residences and infrastructural buildings. Along the way I'll tell you about my, from time to time strong, opinion about some of these buildings and areas. I hope you'll enjoy the coming posts. The first of these buildings will be the one featured on my profile photo.