Saturday, May 23, 2009

City on the water

On Teglholmen in the South Harbour of Copenhagen, formerly an industrial area, a lot of new houses and offices have been build. Most of these are ordinary; lots of glass, steel and concrete and very little charm. One exception to this is Sømærk (literally beacon) and the name is well chosen; it stands in, or on, the water like a beacon. To live here, one should be willing to live real close to the water. You can have your own boat moored underneath your house, which I think is really neat. Actually you can fish from your own kitchen too, if you're not too choosy about what you catch. The building itself is kept in black except the red around the entrances and it's a bit too square to my taste.

The common house is kept by itself at the end of the blocks and all the cars are underground, so only the bicycles (and the boats) are visible.

The 120 apartments are both owner occupied and for rent. The rent is about 1.200 Euro for the smallest apartment (90 sq. meters), so I guess you pay for the location.

Tomorrow I won't go far and even then it'll be like I've moved to Amsterdam, or maybe a modern version of Venice.