Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Hanging Gardens of Copenhagen

I think most people, who paid attention to their history lessons in school, have heard about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But did you know that in Copenhagen we're going to have our own version? This photo is of one of the new residences in Ørestaden called VM Bjerget (Danish for Mountain) and it really is a mountain. 11 stories high this building has one sloping side facing south with apartments, all with their own small garden lined with hardwood. Inside the building is a big open parking house and nothing else. In other words, every apartment in the building is on this side of the building with a garden and a view. The 80 apartments vary in size from 80 m2 to 120 m2 and in prices from 500.000 Euro to 1 million Euros. Quite a price tag even for Copenhagen.

The building was designed by the Danish firm BIG, and they do think big. Their idea was to build a building that looked like a residential area with gardens and small houses. It was finished in 2008 and if you want an apartment here, there's still some for sale. In 2008 it got the prize as the World's Best Housing at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona, and they truly deserve this award!

I already love this building, and I think that it's one of the few new residences, that I could live in if I had the money to pay for an apartment here. When the greenery has had time to grow it'll be a beautiful site, exactly like a mountain in the city.

Right next to the Mountain is another building designed by BIG; VM Houses. That one I'll show you tomorrow.