Monday, May 4, 2009

Royal Playhouse

The Royal Playhouse seen from the Opera

The Royal Playhouse with the Opera in the background

Just opposite the Opera from yesterdays post a new Royal Playhouse opened in 2008 as a supplement to the Royal Theater. As with the Opera, the Royal Theater needed new space. They had for quite some years been using ad-hoc facilities around town to be able to perform more intimate plays, because the old scene at The Royal Theater was just too big for this kind of plays.

It was decided in 2001 to build the new playhouse on Kvæsthusbroen at the harbor, construction began in 2004 after an international architect competion, which was won by Danish architects Boje Lundgaard and Lene Tranberg, and it was finished in 2007.

The playhouse got three small scenes and a restaurant plus of course all the needed space for the actors and technicians. What it lacks is parking space. The Ministry of Culture wanted a new parking house build underground but Copenhagen City blocked that. A perfect, empty space right next to it was used for a short time but is now cordoned off. What it will be used for I don't know, but probably not for parking. The result is chaos at night when people park their cars in an area already crawling with cars. That's Copenhagen traffic planning for you!

This playhouse was praised as a beautiful new addition to the harbor as opposed to the heavy criticism of the Opera. Well, again I have to disagree with the majority; I think it's too dark, too drab and too square. In my eyes it doesn't look inviting at all and it lacks appeal. I haven't been inside yet but I hope it's more colorful than the outside.

BTW for the observant reader; I've brought a photo of the theater before during my theme on reflections.