Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Amsterdam?

Across from Sømærk from yesterday a whole new kind of city is developing, a city of canals and houses in different shapes, colours and sizes, almost like a city that has developed over time. Crisscrossing the city is a number of canals, so that the whole city looks more akin to Begijnhof in Amsterdam or maybe a modern version of Venice (without all the lovely art and architecture) than a new part of Copenhagen.

With more than 1.000 apartments this will be a sizeable neighbourhood when finished in the next year or so. In the center of the blocks are nice courtyards with greenery, playgrounds and benches for the residents.

When living on the first floors you'll have your very own platform for your boat or to swim from. This place got a lot of charm. Because all the buildings in the blocks are different, it feels like a "normal" city, built over time and well developed. The canals and the small boats there, the courtyards, the big open harbour, they all add to the charm of this area.

Again it's missing out on shops and cafés but here there´s room for them, as opposed to Ørestaden. I counted one supermarket opened and one pizzeria on its way, but there are some empty shops. Hopefully they'll be opened when all the blocks are finished.