Thursday, June 4, 2009

West Harbour II

Yesterdays post was about Malmö's Vestra Hamnen (West Harbour) area. The tale continues here.

A hundred years ago there was nothing here. 40 years later this was an artificial island with one of Europe's biggest submarine shipyards with huge cranes and assembly halls and docks. This heavy industry is all gone now and has been replaced in the last 10 years by residences, office blocks and a university.

One of the clauses in the construction contracts states that for every sq. meter of office or residence a proportional area should be laid out as a green area. I confess that I'm a bit envious that the Swedes have managed to create such a lovely area, where we on the other side of Øresund just let the companies build whatever they like. I know that the construction companies in this area have had some heavy restrictions on their buildings, but isn't that exactly what the municipality should do to control the development of its areas? I think so.

In tomorrows post I'll hop back to Copenhagen and show you a coffin that has been debated for the last 13 years.