Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A big pretzel

Many Americans might think that the shop decorated with this sign is a sure place to buy a pretzel, but that would be wrong. It's the Danish sign for a bakery, and the "pretzel" shown is called a kringle in Danish; it's a huge Danish pastry, enough for 10 people. Usually it's bought in smaller slices. It's flaky layers of Danish filled with almond paste, raisins and apricot filling, shaped into a pretzel, just before it is baked, it is topped with sugar and sliced almonds. The crown above it shows that the bakers were appointed by the Court.

I found this sign in Hyskenstræde. Hysken is the old Danish word for outhouse and Stræde means alley, so this was the alley the night men used to carter the night soil from the city's outhouses to the canal around Christiansborg Palace. This must have been quite a smelly place once upon a time.

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