Friday, June 5, 2009

Bury that coffin!

Probably the most debated building in Copenhagen this one is either hated or loved by the citizens. Built in 1996 to house ticket sale for the public transport, tourist information and public toilets it wasn't the most expensive building with a cost of 1.5 mio. Euros. It's situated at Copenhagen's City House Square, one of the busiest places in Copenhagen with a great number of crossing bus lines, lots of cars and bikes and pedestrians in great flocks.

Critics say that it divides the square into two, it's design clashes with the buildings surrounding the square and that it's plain ugly. Several mayors have promised to tear it down, until they discovered what the cost would be and that something had to replace it. So the Black Coffin, as it has been nicknamed, still stands firm.

The discussion have finally ended though, because a new metro station will be built here, so now the building is on the demolition plan for this year. One of the "tenants" in the building will have to find a new location to place a television studio, as Denmark's Radio's Evening Show has been broadcast live from here for the last couple of years.

The City Hall

I for one won't miss this coffin!