Sunday, June 7, 2009

From Fast Patrol Boats to apartments

This building was formerly used as a production hall for fast patrol boats when the area of Holmen was the biggest Danish Naval Base. The concrete hall was built in 1952, is 130 m long, 33 m wide and 17 m tall. When the Navy abandoned most of the area in the 1990's the building was rebuilt as an apartment block with a very large glass roofed atrium and its very own internal wharf. Of the original building only the visible concrete pillars and the steel girders are left. With its wharf right beside the canals around the old fortifications this is a regular stop for all the sightseeing boats.

Tomorrow I'll show you the last stop on my tour of modern buildings in this theme, as I'll start a new theme in two days. The building tomorrow would like to take us to the stars...or at least show them to us:-)