Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog de Ouro

Today I received this nice award thrice, once from Joo of Daily haiku, once from Unseen Rajasthan from Unseen Rajasthan and once from Asta from Hyperenergy and other obstacles. I'm really honoured and happy to recieve this one. Thank you to the three of you:-) And to all others; do pay them a visit as all three know how make an interesting blog.

Now I have to follow rules which are:

- Put the Award in the blog
- Link back to the blog who gave you it
- Pass the Award on to other blogs
- Inform owners about Award
- Make rules visible

And these are my blogs:

Scottsdale Daily Photo
Photo Carraol Images of Mexico City
Clueless in Boston
Nikon sniper
Trieste Daily Photo

All great blogs that deserves to be recognised.

PS: I've had to revise this post as I got the award more than once:-)