Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soul Collector

Leaving the churches for a bit and going to the cemeteries instead I have this photo for. It was taken a frosty morning at Vestre Cemetery in Valby, Copenhagen. I like the photo for its frost on the surface which gives the bronze a very special look.

Vestre Cemetery is one of five large cemeteries in Copenhagen. It functions not only as a cemetery, but also as a park. And with ½ km2 there's room enough for both. It was opened in 1870 and has different sections for both Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, German soldiers, Greenland, Faroe Islands and English soldiers. In the middle of the cemetery is a lake around which only important persons can be buried. In this area you find a number of late Prime Ministers, explorers, actors and artists. It's a beautiful landscaped area, perfect for reflection on life and a quiet stroll while brushing up on one's historic knowledge.

I'll bring more photos from this and other cemeteries in the days to come.