Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Saviour

The Copenhagen skyline is dominated by spires and towers. One of the more dominant and conspicuous ones is this one, the spire of the Church of Our Saviour. It's in the same area as yesterdays church namely Christianshavn and most noticeable is its spiral staircase on the outside of the spire. As the only church in Denmark it's built in Dutch Baroque-style in the late 1600's at a time when church construction in Denmark was at a standstill (nothing new under the sun - they had an economic crisis at that time too). The spire was inspired by Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza in Rome.

Legend tells that the architect threw himself from the spire when he realized that the spiral was the wrong way around. The story can't be true though, the spire was added 50 years later and the then architect of that died in his bed seven years later, but it's a nice story to tell the tourists.

On top of the spire is a figure with a flag called the Saviour Man that is called the ugliest sculpture in Copenhagen but that is due to its exaggerated proportions because it's only meant to be seen from afar.

The church itself has been closed for the last three years due to renovation but it's scheduled for opening in September.

BTW it's possibly for the adventurous visitor to climb the stairs on the spire, but vertigo is a sure companion on the stairs :-)