Tuesday, July 23, 2013

C.F. Tietgen House

C.F. Tietgens House from 1904 is the former head office of the bank Privatbanken. It lies on the site next to the Old Stock Exchange and was built to replace 6 old houses called the Six Sisters. The public outcry causes by the demolition of the old houses was the reason that the law was changed, so that buildings can be protected if they are of a architectural, historical or cultural interest.
Privatbanken, founded in 1857, came under the directorship of the young C.F. Tietgen. The bank's head office was located in the Christian IV stock exchange building for more than 40 years. In 1904, the bank relocated to monumental, Baroque-style premises on the site behind Børsgade. The bank founded the Copenhagen telephone company, and was therefore assigned the simple telephone number of 1. Privatbanken was the first bank in Denmark to introduce the use of cheques. In 1990, Privatbanken merged with two other banks, and following a major Nordic banking merger in 2000, the new bank was named Nordea and moved out of the Børsgade premises.