Thursday, April 16, 2009


In Denmark's oldest surviving city stands Denmark's oldest surviving Cathedral. The first thing that strikes visitors is that the three towers are all different. Actually it's obvious that the Cathedral was build and renovated at several times either because of fire or because a bishop or king wanted something added in their honor. The first stone was laid in 1110 and the last major renovation was in 1904 so it has a long history of building and rebuilding. It's also the only church in Denmark with 5 ships. Inside is buried two Danish kings (Christoffer I and Erik II Emune) and a variety of nobility and VIP's. The inside is decorated by a mixture of the surviving medieval fresco paintings and modern decorations by Carl Henning Pedersen. One decoration that hit me last time I visited was a figure showing a nobleman with a peasant under his foot! I guess it just showed the people of Ribe where their place in society where.