Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bogense Church

As I told yesterday my new theme on churches and the like begins today. My first image is of this little and very nice church in Bogense on the north of the island of Funen in Denmark. I've never actually lived in this town, but I've spend a lot of my holidays there for 35 years so I know this church pretty well. Most photos of it are actually taken from the opposite direction but then I think it gets obscured by trees.

St. Nicolaj Church, as its real name is, was build on top of a hill in 1406 on the site of an older church. The roof of the tower is covered in tarred wood chips and is facing south-east. That is a bit peculiar because most church towers in Denmark face west, but it might be to avoid soil erosion or because it has been used as a beacon for the ships.