Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Special III

The oldest of four round churches on Bornholm
is Østerlars from 1100AD. The round churches were
used as fortresses when pirates from Northern
Germany raided Bornholm.

I'm finally online again after a working trip to the Danish island of Bornholm last week. Thank you for all your comments on my posts. I'll comment on them in the comment section of each post. And then I'll have to catch up on all your posts too.

In this post I'll show you a few of the 500 photos I got home with me. I hope you like them.

The ruin of Hammershus Castle is the biggest
in Northern Europe. It was build in ca. 1100 by
the Archbishop of Lund as a base for the crusades
to the Baltic Countries. I didn't get many photos
here because we went there at night.

We went to a Bird-of-Prey Show where
we were shown this little American kestrel.
And then the birds got bigger...a lot bigger!

The falconers were extremely friendly with
the birds, here a Harris hawk.

This eagle was aiming for me...and hit
me in flight. Talk about the audience
getting close to the birds!

It is a big eagle. 5 kg and a wingspan of 2 meters.

The eagle has landed (almost):-)

The final bird was this vulture. 9 kg and a
wingspan of 3 meters. And it flew
just a few cms
above our heads. I can warmly recommend
a visit to this kind of show. It was absolutely fantastic.

Bornholm is a rocky island. Here Jon's Chapel.

At the Shrine (Helligdommen)
the cliffs are about 30 meters

The Baltic Sea hammers the rocks

The Shrine

The Shrine

On Bornholm the local speciality is smoked herring.
They are smoked locally in these smokehouses.
It's a treat with blackbread, salt and egg yolk.
This is the last working smokehouse in the
beautifull little town of Gudhjem.

Gudhjem with smokehouse chimneys

In the main town of Rønne they still have about
400 timber houses like these, all well preserved.



Aa Church is considered the oldest church
on Bornholm, and the main one. It's
from around 1100 and is in Aakirkeby.

As you can see it really is an island worth visiting even when actually working:-)