Saturday, April 18, 2009

Marble Church

During my theme about statues in Copenhagen I promised to get back to the Marble Church in Copenhagen again, and now is the time for a little more about this supposedly 3rd largest dome church in Europe. As told before it's a parish church with the Royal palace of Amalienborg as a neighbor.

It is placed on an axis along which lie Amalienborg, Amalie Garden and the new Opera of Copenhagen. The work on the church began in 1749 but because of budget cuts and the death of the architect Nicolai Eigtved in 1754 it was delayed and lay as a ruin for nearly 150 years. It wasn't finished until 1894 so delays and budget problems isn't a modern thing.

The dome has a span of 31 m making it the largest in Scandinavia. It's told by guides that it's the 3rd largest in Europe, but I've heard the same said about Mosta Dome in Malta. It's obviously quite an art to measure a dome!

At the moment there's debate about a metro project that places a station next to the church. Many people are concerned that the work will damage the church and they wants to move the station to another location.