Sunday, April 26, 2009

Citadel Church

Inside the Citadel of Copenhagen is this small church, Kastelskirken. Build in 1704 it was the church for the garrison of the Citadel, but it got a civilian parish in 1902. Behind the church is the prison. This was used as a stockade for the soldiers as well as a prison for troublesome people prosecuted by the Crown, especially traitors. The prisoners could hear the priest preaching by listening through holes in the wall.

One of the most prominent "guests" of the prison was the Queen Caroline Matilde's lover Struense, who was beheaded, drawn and quartered 28th of April 1772. His remains were put on display on pikes at the city's gates. He were buried anonymous but his remains were discovered in 1895 and reburied at Vestre Cemetery. The Queen got off a little easier; she was divorced and deported to Celle.