Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What would you like to eat?

When visiting Tivoli for a few hours the question inevitably pops up; what to eat? In Tivoli your not shy of choices, the food ranges from hot dogs and other junk food dripping in oil to gourmet dinners worthy of a Michelin restaurant (and at Restaurant Herman in Nimb Hotel and Restaurants they actually got a star in the Michelin Guide).

In Grøften (the Ditch) you'll be served traditional Danish open sandwiches for lunch, in the Chinese tower you'll get, well, Chinese dinners and at Ultimo the menu's got Italian dishes. Even a Bosnian and a Japanese restaurant are possibly here.

If you're not really hungry, a plenitude of cafés and ice cream bars will help you part with your money, for that is something that all the places has in common, it's expensive to eat or drink in Tivoli.