Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to the forts

The smallest of the late 19th Century forts north of Copenhagen is the Fortunfortet. Situated in the middle of a residential area it seems out of place today, but when it was built in 1891-92 it had a clear line of sight and fire around it so that it could defend against an attack across the western Eremitage Plain and the Lundtofte Plain. It was built like most of the others in a triangular shape so that it had as few sides to defend as possible for its 110 troops and 8 75mm guns.

Today it's in fairly good shape though marked by time and partly overgrown. It has since its decommission in 1920 been used as a storage room for powder for Tivoli and as a mushroom farm until it was abandoned. In 2002 reconstructions began and these are still ongoing.