Thursday, September 10, 2009

The first line of defense

In the years before the WWI the Danish Army Command realised that the fortifications built in the late 19th Century was situated 7 km from the center of Copenhagen, while the cannons of Germany and Austria had a range twice that. A new line of defense was then hurriedly constructed in a line from Roskilde to Karlslunde. The coastal battery of Mosede Fort or Mosede Batteri is the eastern most of these new defenses.

It was built in 1913-16 originally to defend against a landing of troops in Køge Bugt. It was armed with 6 12cm howitzers and 75mm guns, and manned by 175 troops. It was abandoned after WWII and used as a refugee camp. In 1969 it was listed and in 1972-76 it was partly renovated. Today it's a recreational area with benches, grills and big lawns, but the old fortifications are very much evident. Renovations are still under way on parts of the fort.