Thursday, September 3, 2009

A private fort

The northern line of defense for Copenhagen was a string of forts with the Garderhøjfort being the biggest. It was also the only square one, and the only one which was privately funded. It was built in 1886-92 and armed with 15 cm and 75 mm guns in armored turrets. In 1920 it was decommissioned and later used by the military and the police as an ammunition dump and as a training facility.

Today it is run by a private foundation and it is open to the public the 1st Sunday in the month. When trying to get in you might notice the signs warning people not to trespass (I didn't see them until on the way out after a run in with the Commandant, honestly), so to get to see this very well restored fort you either need to be there on the given Sundays or arrange a private tour.