Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Citadel

The Citadel (Citadellet Frederikshavn in Danish also known as Kastellet) is the best preserved of the old fortifications that encircled Copenhagen. Located near the harbour entrance its cannons could prevent enemy ships from entering the inner harbour and its star configuration made it extremely difficult for enemy troops to take it by storm. It was built by King Christian IV in 1626 as part of the defense wall around the city and it was used in the Swedish siege of 1658-60 and against the English in 1807. The small prison here have been used for enemy of the state and the last one sitting there was the German governor during the occupation Dr. Werner Best who was imprisoned in 1945.

Today the Citadel is still in use by the military and the Chief of Staff of the Defense Forces has his residence here. It was renovated latest in 1989-99 with funds from A.P. Møller and Wife Chastine McKinney Møllers General Fund. It's open to the public though and is a nice place to take a walk.