Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red triangel

My new theme for the coming days (or maybe weeks) is reflections. Reflections is something I have written about before in Danish and it is one of the things I always looks for when I'm photographing. It can add symmetry and sometimes surrealism to the photo. Reflective materials are everywhere; glass, water, steel, ice or any of a number of other materials surrounds us everyday so it's easy to find a worthy object to photograph. I either have both the "real" object and its reflection or just the reflection by itself.

The first one I'm bringing is this one of the bow of a small sailing boat taken in a marina. At first it can be difficult to tell exactly what it is but then more and more details emerge and suddenly you can see the whole picture. The tricky part is to tell where the bow stops and the water begins. I had to take a couple of shots before I got it right but I like the result!