Sunday, March 15, 2009


One of my favorite statues in Copenhagen is this Angel on Langelinie near The Little Mermaid. In Danish it's called Søfartsmonumentet (literally Shipping Monument) in rememberance af the fallen sailors of World War I. It's part of a park near the marina that also houses a rowing club. The monument was constructed in 1928 by Svend Rathsack and architect Ivar Bentsen. Near by you can find the stone raised to celebrate Mylius Ericsson's Greenland expedition in 1907 where he and three others died and just to the south is The Little Mermaid on her rock. To the north is the quay of Langelinie where the cruise ships berth. This area is a favorite spot for tourists, cruise ship guests and locals to take a stroll and on sunny Sundays there's quite a few people on the promenade.

Nearby you can also find Copenhagen's Citadel with it's surrounding park, the English church, a lot of monuments and statues and a museum about the Danish resistance during the German occupation in 1940 - 1945.

Regarding the Little Mermaid it has been decided Thursday in Copenhagen City Council that she will be loaned to an exhibition in China next year for 8 months. An even smaller copy will replace her during her travels.

Link to Danish brochure about the area around the citadel

BTW i've got a black/white version of this one here.