Thursday, June 6, 2013


I must confess, I'm mightily confused. In the end of February the redoing of the pavement in the pedestrian street of Frederiksborgvej was finally finished after two years of work. And all applauded the new pavement and the new street. A month later it was ripped up again to make way for a new entrance to the metro in the middle of the street on the narrowest point where thousands pass each day, cutting the width to a third. A lot of protests followed, not least from the neighbours that only got one month of warning, and from the shops that would have their access almost blocked. But the people behind the decision didn't seem to be budging and most people seemed to accept the fact that the construction would go on. Yesterday I passed again and woe and behold, they're apparently re-doing the pavement again. First I thought that they had finally come to their senses again, but alas no. They're just moving the construction site so it will be to the right instead of in the middle. So they will only redo the pavement to the left. The result is that for the next two years it will still not be easy to pass here during rush hour. And even when they're finished, this will be a major bottleneck. I (and many others, I'm sure) can only wonder at the way construction in this city is run.