Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas in July

When crossing the City House Square in Copenhagen the other day, I was almost convinced that I needed either some glasses or to lie down for a while, because in the middle of the summer heat was a large gathering of...Santa Clauses in many shapes and sizes, Elfs, Santa's Wife(s) and a lonely policeman in a very old Danish uniform. No, my eyes didn't deceive me and I wasn't dizzy (or had had too much to drink). It was only the meeting point of the World Congress of Santa Clause's held annually in Copenhagen in July since the 1963.

Traditional Elf with reindeer

Not all was in Coca Cola colours

After this meeting they went by bicycle to Dyrehavsbakken, an amuzement park from 1583, and the World's oldest operating, lying just north of Copenhagen. On Bakken the Santa gathering went on for three days with lots of fun among hundreds of Santas from all over the world.

They came in all sizes:-)