Sunday, July 11, 2010


This photo needs a bit of explanation, so bear with me. In Denmark we pay a deposit every time we buy a bottle or a can of beer or soft drinks. When we give them back to the store, or any other store, we get the deposit back. This was introduced to get people to recycle the cans and bottles, thereby saving a bit of nature's resources and minimizing the mess in parks and forests. However Danes being lazy and a bit too well-off, many just leave the cans or bottles when and where they are done. This opens up for guys like this who makes a living collecting the bottles and getting the deposit. Many of those doing this are homeless, social outcasts or Eastern Europeans here on an unofficial working holiday. But you'll even notice quite a lot of ordinary pensioners doing it too. It's not something that'll make you rich, but as it keeps the cities and the nature clean(er), how can anyone object to this, even though some of these guys can hardly wait until you finish your drink before they ask for the can:-)