Sunday, July 4, 2010

A fool and his money will part in a hurry

Not only beggars frequent the inner Copenhagen at summer. A walk down the pedestrian street of Strøget might take your way past one of these; a trickster who will try to convince you that you have a chance of winning the three-cups-one-ball-game. Don't stop as he will surely take your money, and even if you're only taking a look at the other fools, you might part with your valuables anyway, as his mates, posing as innocent bystanders, will try to empty your pockets the sneaky way. Down the street you might notice a guy or two seemingly waiting while looking intensely further down the street. This will be the lookout, who'll warn the gaming group and the pickpockets if the long arm of the law happens to come by. A very organized game with not one trickster, but a whole flock of them. And btw if you want to take some photos of them, do it on the sly, as these folks are more than a bit camera shy and might get aggressive.