Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Writing on the wall...and door...and

Yes, I know, I've been writing about this problem before, but I have to admit that graffiti of this kind makes me angry. Right next to Skt. Petri School from yesterday's post, across the street from the oldest church in inner Copenhagen, Skt. Petri Church, and in an area very much frequented by tourists you can find a facade like this. I know that it's the owner's responsibility but isn't there a way for the municipality to force a cleaning? A facade like this have a tendency to spread to the neighboring facades as well if it isn't dealt with quickly and that would be a shame. This is the old Latin Quarter of Copenhagen, an area that locally is called Pisserenden (literally The Piss Gutter), but do it really have to live fully up to its colourfull nickname?