Sunday, November 4, 2012

Going down


This 108 m high landmark of Valby, Copenhagen is going down today with a big bang. At 12 o'clock it will be gone, weather permitting. The gas silo was built in 1965 to replace a gaswork that blew up, though at that time it wasn't intentional. The blast in 1964 killed 4 and wounded 200 in the area of Retortvej, crushing 100.000 windows and making a lot of Copenhageners think that a nuclear bomb had gone off. The silo went out of use in 2007 and even though it has been suggested to convert it into something else, the project to rebuild it was too expensive. So this time it is a demolishion that will be heard when the 50kg of explosives will tomble the silo for the last time. And the view from my balcony will change.