Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hunting the Elephants

For now I'm back on the blog and many thanks to Ricco for his participation. He might make an appearance again before long:-)

As Ricco has told, Copenhagen has been invaded by a lot of elephants this summer, 103 of them to be exact. And it's not because the climate changes has moved their habitat to northern Europe. No, these elephants are made of fibreglass and decorated by various artists before they were placed around the city. They are part of the Copenhagen Elephant Parade 2011 which, like the ones in London and Milan, are going to be auctioned off and the money used for the elephants in Asia. I'll show you some of these elephants in the next couple of weeks, just pictures and perhaps very short texts. Today's elephant with the Danish flag on is overlooking the entrance to Tivoli from the central station.