Tuesday, February 21, 2012


When you first come to a country, probably as a tourist, you see the beauty of the country superficially. When, however you have a bit more time or spend time living there you get to understand its mythology better.

So it was for me with this statue, that of the goddess Gefion, which is situated near Churchill Square in the Nordre Toldbod area next to Kastellet and immediately south of Langelinie.

In Norse mythology is a goddess associated with ploughing the Danish main island of Zealand out of a piece of Sweden which is a lake with a similar size and outline as Zealand. She is also associated with foreknowledge and virginity.

Gefion appears prominently as the allegorical mother of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in the forty-page Swedish Romantic poem Gefion, a Poem in Four Cantos by Eleonora Charlotta. It seems to have been the inspiration for the fountain statue by Anders Bundgård.