Saturday, June 25, 2011

Presentation of a Guest

Ricco Scheepers is a South African who has lived in worked in the Nordics since 2008.  This cultural nomad moved to Copenhagen in 2009 and is an avid photographer and chronicler of Denmark, its people and idiosyncrasies.  He has been writing about this for two years now and has completed page four of his upcoming bestseller.
He will be giving his unique view of Denmark in particular and Copenhagen in particular while also blogging about his travels through Europe.
His philosophy is that one needs to record everyday life in order to capture it for future generations.  He also thinks future generations won’t give a hoot about it and make the same mistakes we are making.
Ten things you need to know about Ricco
1.     He thinks Bruce Springsteen is a god, Elvis Presley was the only King, dachshunds are great companions, Terry Pratchett writes better fantasy than most and Claudia Schiffer is pretty good looking.
2.    In ancient times cats were worshipped by his ancestors.  He believes this has been genetically encoded into felines and therefor abhors ancestor worship.
3.    His hero is Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and humanitarian.
4.    He is useless with anything pertaining to administration, taxes, banking and putting back toilet seats.
5.    He is a keen motoring enthusiast and has helped build a racing car and owned various Land Rovers. He hasn’t crashed much.
6.    He loves to travel.
7.    He gets clammy palms and sweat profusely when in camera shops.  His bank manager does likewise when he finds out about said visits.
8.    He writes in English and so spells “colour” with a “u”.
9.    His name means richness in Italian but his mother didn’t know this when he was named.
10.    He holds very strong views about people having very strong views.