Thursday, May 3, 2012

A church and art centre

Nikolaj Kirik located very near the Stroget. It was the 3rd oldest church in Copenhagen behind St. Clemens and Vor Frue. While those churches were used by farmers, the Nikolaj Kirik was built for sailors, fisherman and tradesmen. (At one time, Copenhagen's harbor stretched right up to the foot of the church.)

The building was destroyed by fire, and rebuilt but the parish was dissolved in 1805. The building languished thereafter. Since 1917 it has functioned as a museum, library and lecture hall, but now is an art exhibition hall/gallery and is known as "Nikolaj Udstillingsbygning".

The Nikolaj Undstillingsbygning is open daily from Noon til 5pm. Admission for adults is 20 DKK; free for children 15 and younger. On Wednesdays, admission is FREE!