Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wolfs in the snow

In Sweden the wolfs are still found in the wild in the northern areas. An estimated 220 lives in small packs but that number varies from day to day as these packs often wanders into Norway and Finland. The wolfs are still stigmatized even in Sweden as they take sheep and lambs from the farmers, but they are protected by law. Only those wolfs that repeatedly follow their nature and raid the local farmers are hunted, sparking heated debate among farmers and environmentalists every time. Many myths still exists here about the big bad wolf, but fact is they only hunt sick and old animals (and the occasional lamb too but most farmers got insurance, so what's the problem?). At Järvzoo, which is a zoo specialized in the wildlife of Sweden, 10-12 wolfs are on display for the visitors. These photos, and the photos in the next couple of days, are from this very nice place.