Monday, October 19, 2009

Christmas starts early

Having just closed after their Halloween week, it's time for Tivoli to prepare for their next opening; Christmas Market starting November 20. This is a replica of Halloween week but with a Christmas theme instead. It's the same stalls selling anything remotely connected with Christmas, the same extra rides and a lot of employees dressed up in Christmas costumes. It is a bit more cozy than Halloween though as Christmas is more traditional in Denmark. Remember Halloween is a newcomer to Denmark, mainly brought to us by stores looking for new ways to wring money out of us, just like Christmas has turned out in the later years. Still I think Christmas Market in Tivoli is nice, even though Tivoli tends to go a bit overboard, and it's obvious that this is a great moneymaker for the park.

Starting tomorrow I'll show you some photos from another of Copenhagen's great attractions; the Zoo.